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Starfinder – Nanomancers, Aethera, and more!

I’m taking a break from the regular posts this week to talk about a few products from Legendary Games I contributed to. If you like the content you read here on Solo Run Studio, I urge you to check them out.

The Nanomancer
Enter the Nanomancer!

Already out now, the Nanomancer class is a new fully fleshed out class for Starfinder that combines a bit of the abilities of the Technomancer and Mechanic, with a heaping helping of nanite powered abilities all of their own. Add a little nanobot spice to your game and give them a try!

Legendary Games Product Page

DriveThru RPG Product Page

Wanted in the Wastes
Don’t waste this opportunity

Out now for Pathfinder and coming very soon for Starfinder, the Wanted in the Wastes adventure is an intro adventure for the Aethera campaign setting that gives your players an rough and tumble experience on the planet of Akasaat. Its a great story and will take your players from first to third level, and a fantastic way to introduce the Noir/SciFi/Horror setting of Aethera.

Legendary Games Product Page

DriveThru RPG Product Page

I also encourage you to check out the rest of what Legendary Games has to offer. They have some of the best writers in the industry working to bring you great adventures and products to expand and improve your game!

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