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Starfinder – Virtual Cons

It’s Con season,but given the current pandemic, most Cons have been canceled or moved online to a virtual format. That’s not a new thing, as there have been virtual Cons for many years now, but it certainly means there are more of them this year, and a much wider audience for the format. The just concluded Paizocon is a great example!

But the idea of virtual tabletop gaming isn’t just something we can do in the real world. Why not give your Starfinder characters the joy of spending several days gaming while dressed in their pajamas? With the downtime rules introduced in the Character Operations Manual, we can do just that!

Ein from Cowboy Bebop, enjoying some virtual entertainment
Ein from Cowboy Bebop, enjoying some virtual entertainment

Virtual Conference

You spend several hours and/or days attending talks, seminars, AMAs, playing games, and generally carousing online with like minded sentients.

Activity: You spend your downtime engaging in a virtual conference, likely with a snappy name like NebulaCon8000 or similar. You must have access to a comfortable, safe space in which to virtually attend, as well have a comm unit or computer with infosphere access in order to attend. Starship quarters, rented suite-level lodgings, an apartment, or better accommodations will suffice. At the end of each day attempt a Fortitude save (DC = 5 + half your character level). You take a cumulative -2 penalty on this saving throw for each day you’ve used the Virtual Conference activity in the past 7 days.

Results: Buoyed by your experience, the stories shared, the games played, you go into the next day with a stronger spirit. You gain temporary Stamina Points equal to half your character level for consecutive day spent in the Virtual Conference. These temporary Stamina Points are cumulative, so for a three day conference you would gain one and a half your level total temporary Stamina Points. Like temporary Hit Points, these Stamina Points cannot be regained by any means, and once they are spent the are gone. If you fail any Fortitude save during the run of the Con you succumb to exhaustion, and that day does not count toward your consecutive total, effectively restarting the count.

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Until next time Starfinders!

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