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Starfinder – Fey Encounters

While there is a wealth of material providing examples of high adventure in a Sci-Fantasy setting pitting heroes against merciless aliens, powerful psychics, derelict robotic hordes, and more, there is very little fiction that deals with the fey in a future/space setting. Perhaps because the general association between faerie and the natural world doesn’t pair well with the cold and seemlingly lifeless environs of outerspace. So either you get a few weird examples of classic faerie creatures transplanted into a Sci-fi setting or nothing at all.

Warframe art - a game that plays a bit with the Fairy Court
Warframe art – a game that plays a bit with the Fairy Court

Starfinder is a Sci-Fantasy setting that embraces the Fantasy pretty hard though, and there is no reason you can’t incorporate Fey encounters, or even story hooks into your game in an engaging manner, and surprise your players in the process. Here are a few examples:

Void Angels in the Debris Field

The asteray appear in Alien Archive 1, and at CR 12 are an opponent likely to give most players a real challenge. They don’t have to be combatants though. Asteray are playful fey with alien ideas about morality and a powerful hunger for biological food. Given their ability to generate electrical signals, even to the point of spoofing distress calls, it isn’t hard to imagine a spaceship graveyard somewhere out in the Vast full of wrecked ships from many different civilizations, populated by nihili and other undead, a few desperate survivors, and a variety of automated defenses, all tended by a clutch of asteray using the ship graveyard as a larder and source of entertainment.


You already know what this is going to be just by the name of the fey creature. Gremlins revel in breaking mechanical things, glitching software, and all around making themselves a nuisance. Essentially a nightmare for space travel. It isn’t hard at all to picture a starting group of adventures stranded in the Drift and forced to deal with a gremlin infestation so they can fix their ship and return to civilization. The ship glitch and computer glitch gremlins from Alien Archive 2 are all you need to ruin your player’s day.

Hiding in the Light

The lurker in light from Alien Archive 3 are that rare creature that prefers bright light to darkness. They also can show up anywhere bathed in such light, particularly when it is natural in origin like the light of the sun. A scientific mission to study solar flares could quickly become a fight for life or death if a bunch of lurkers suddenly showed up and their lightweavers tried to steal the ship’s core.

The Endless Hunt

The wild hunt is a terrifying encounter in a fantasy setting – a host of ancient fey creatures and beasts dedicated to hunting down mortal creatures for the shear joy of it. Now imagine the same in space, with dark fey arriving like a wave through space and hunting down any space ships they can find. A high level encounter that would require converting the hunt from PF1 Bestiary 6, you can draw it out for maximum effect. Perhaps a research outpost on a planet rich in life but devoid of native sentients has noticed rising levels of tension in the local fauna over the past few months. The local animals become increasingly agitated, until eventually a wild hunt hound is seen. Then it is only a matter of time, as more and more outriders of the hunt make an appearance, until finally the main host led by the monarch himself appears…

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