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Starfinder – Derelict Ships of the Pact Worlds

As I was working through the new Starfinder book Near Space, I was reminded of how much I enjoy reading through new setting books and imagining where the adventure hooks the authors provide might lead. The right couple of sentences can lead to a whole adventure to send your players on!

With that in mind, I thought I’d offer a few unofficial hooks you can use to build an adventure or even campaign to send your players on in Pact Space. With all the lore around Golarion from Pathfinder, along with the background provided by the Core Rulebook and Pact Worlds, there is a lot of potential in that crowded little solar system. But space is huge (this is why you have to take Drift jumps just to go from planet to planet. Otherwise it would be months or even years of travel) and who knows what else might lurk in the dark, empty pockets there?

Presented here are three space station sized mysteries to explore.

From The Black Hole, Cygnus Concept Art by Peter Ellenshaw
From The Black Hole, Cygnus Concept Art by Peter Ellenshaw

Kra, The Night Jewel

In ancient times the Shory empire of Golarion discovered a way to use Aeromancy powered by elemental electric power pioneered by the Azlanti to take entire cities into the air. Many of these cities eventually crashed to the ground, though no complete account of the flying cities and their fates exists. The Shory city of Kra was largely dedicated to the study of the stars and magic from beyond the bounds of Golarion. This study inevitably lead them to the Dark Tapestry and the alien intelligences waiting in the dark spaces of the galaxy. When the Shory empire began it’s inexorable decline and fall, the cults of the Dark Tapestry on Kra put a plan into motion to take their city not only away from the Mwangi continent, but into the sky itself. A desperate struggle followed, the end result of which was the city of Kra leaving the atmosphere of Golarion and the devastation the vacuum of space wrought upon it. Bereft of guidance, the magic of the Aeromantic Infadibulum continued to take Kra out into space, eventually finding a stable orbit around the Sun. And there it has stayed, for more than ten thousand years, perfectly preserved in space, populated by nothing more than the dead, and whatever they might have summoned that could withstand the void.

Khazgaram, the Hammer’s Ring

The forge ships of the dwarves are massive things, made to carry entire clans into a greater Quest for Sky than their ancestors could have even imagined. In 10 AG, one such ship put a bold plan into place. Dedicated to Torag, the crew of Khazgaram refitted their ship not just for interstellar travel, but interplanar as well. Intending to visit Torag’s realm of Forgeheart and discover the fate of their absent god, the dwarves worked single-mindedly toward their goal. By all accounts they succeeded, and Khazgaram disappeared, in theory traveling to the Heavens themselves. For more than 300 years that was the story of Khazgaram, but now there are rumors coming out of the Diaspora that the forge ship has returned, silent and empty, waiting for the right salvage crew to discover it and get rich off the bounty within. As yet, no such crew has found the forge-ship, or at least found it and survived.

Divinity’s Legacy

Very nearly in a time before time, long before the rise of the Shory empire, the starship Divinity left it’s home planet of Androffa on an ill fated journey that would eventually lead to the bulk of the ship crashing into the surface of Golarion. The results of that crash would shape the future of the Pact Worlds in not insignificant ways, leading not only to one third of the Tri-part God Triune, but also to the science behind Androids that populate much of the Pact Worlds and beyond. Divinity was a massive ship powered by Androffan technology that rivals and in many ways exceeds current Pact tech, and while most of the ship crashed, a portion was able to separate from the whole and slingshot around Golarion rather than crash into it. Unfortunately for the survivors aboard, the portion of the ship they managed to save had no means to alter it’s course after the initial maneuver. That, coupled with the lingering madness inflicted by Divinity’s encounter with the Dominion of the Black, hostile AI on board, and any number of other disasters, has meant that the ship fragment became a comet known as Divinity’s Legacy and entered a long irregular orbit around the Sun. For over fifteen thousand years, the comet enters the system every 867 years, circling around the sun before departing again out into the vast empty beyond. If explorers managed to board the Legacy some time during the Gap, any records of it have been lost, but now, in AG 317, the comet is due to come through again.

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Until next time Starfinders!

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