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Starfinder – Venom Spur

When Starfinder launched there was talk about how much had to be edited in order to make the book a viable size (and at 523 pages, it is still a hefty tome.) This is why we have enough equipment to get the basics done, but didn’t really get a variety of operative weapons, funky space guns, and crazy tech gear until Armory, to say nothing of the fleshed out setting in Pact Worlds, and the GM necessity of having Alien Archive (and preferably 2 and 3 as well) in order to run the system. The Core book does have everything you need to get started, and while there are niches left empty, I have every confidence that Paizo will continue to fill in the gaps.

All of this is a long way of saying I feel like the Venom Spur biotech augment isn’t complete. On the one hand, it’s doesn’t really flesh out the weapon in terms of game mechanics, and on the other, it really needs an upgrade path in order to remain viable. Eventually Paizo will circle back and revisit it, but until then, here are the rules I’m using:

Some of my own fan art here.
a little of my own fan art
Mk 1 Venom Spur Simple Melee 2 925 1d4 P analog, conceal, operative
Mk 2 Venom Spur Simple Melee 6 4250 1d6 P analog, conceal, operative
Mk 3 Venom Spur Simple Melee 10 18300 2d6 P Sicken analog, conceal, operative
Mk 4 Venom Spur Simple Melee 16 170800 5d6 P Sicken analog, conceal, operative

Venom Spur, MK 1

You implant a retractable stinger and venom sac into your hand. You can extend this stinger as a swift action but only while you aren’t holding anything in that hand. The stinger is considered a simple melee weapon with the Analog, Conceal, and Operative traits. Attacks with your stinger deal piercing damage and automatically inject venom into the target. An affected creature can attempt a Fortitude saving throw (DC = 10 + half your level + your Constitution modifier) to resist the effects of your venom. On a failed save, the creature takes 2d6 damage immediately and must attempt a new Fortitude saving throw at the start of its turn each round to end the effect. Each time it fails this save, it takes an additional 2d6 damage. Effects such as remove affliction and antitoxin affect this venom as though it were a poison. Creatures immune to poison, or Fortitude saves entirely, are unaffected by the venom but take the damage of the stinger as normal.

Once used, the venom sac doesn’t refill until the next time you rest to regain Stamina Points. While it’s empty, you can still attack with the stinger but can’t envenom your target.

A venom spur cannot be disarmed, but it can be sundered. When you regain Hit Points (whether through first aid, magic, or natural healing), the spur regains the same number of Hit Points. If destroyed, a venom spur regrows in 24 hours.

Venom Spur, MK 2

As the MK 1, but the venom damage on a failed save is 2d8, and an additional 2d8 on each subsequent failed save.

Venom Spur, MK 3

As the MK 1, but the venom damage on a failed save is 3d6, and an additional 3d6 on each subsequent failed save.

Venom Spur, MK 4

As the MK 1, but the venom damage on a failed save is 6d4, and an additional 6d4 on each subsequent failed save.

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