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Starfinder – The Ravinak, from the Mandalorian

One of the things I love about Star Wars is all the funky alien beasts in the series. They don’t always get a lot of screen time, but generally have a ton of game potential. The recent season one of The Mandalorian is no different, with funky alien monsters in many of the episodes. This week, I thought I’d tackle the first one we see – the Ravinak!

The Ravinak


CR 9

XP 6,400

N Huge magical beast

Init +3; Senses blindsense (heat) 120ft., darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +17


HP 145

EAC 22; KAC 24

Fort +13; Ref +13; Will +8

DR 3/–; Immunities cold

Defensive Abilities ferocity


Speed 20 ft., burrow (ice) 70ft., swim 80 ft.

Melee bite +22 (2d10+15 P plus grab)

Space 15ft.; Reach 15ft.

Offensive Abilities grab, icy pounce


Str +6; Dex +3; Con +4; Int -3; Wis +0; Cha -1

Skills Athletics +17, Survival +22

Other Abilities cold adaptation, ice glide, tracking (heat)


Environment glaciers and arctic seas

Organization solitary


Cold Adaptation (Su) ravinak are completely adapted to extreme cold, and suffer no environmental penalties from cold.

Ice Glide (Su) a ravinak can burrow through ice, icy water, and similar materials as easily as a fish swims through water. Even through solid ice this burrowing leaves behind no tunnel or hole, and it does not create any ripple or other sign of its presence.

Icy Pounce (Ex) Ravinaks are ambush predators adept at exploding up through ice or water and completely overwhelming prey. When a ravinak charges through ice or water, it takes no penalties and may make its bite attack with a +4 circumstance bonus.

Native to particularly cold worlds that feature an abundance of ice and frozen or near frozen water, ravinaks are predators that have somehow spread all over known space. It’s theorized the hulking beasts are able to skirt the edges of the elemental planes of air and water where they meet, sliding through inter-planar ice in their search for material plane hunting grounds.

However they spread, ravinaks are terrifying ambush predators that hunt virtually anything that gives off enough heat to seem like prey. Both indescriminate in their tastes, and not bright enough to know the difference, ravinaks will attack any animal or machine they can sense the heat from, and they have been known to destroy boats, hover vehicles, and even starships that get to close to the ice where the ravinak hunts. Ferocious and too stubborn to know when to die, ravinaks will fight on through mortal injuries seeming out of pure spite, doing as much damage as they possibly can with their fearsome tusks before the spark of life finally leaves them.

And there you go, a big frosty walrus monster to threaten your players and even their ship. If you like this post, or any of my others, maybe toss me some coffee money?

Until next week, see you around Starfinders!

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