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Starfinder – Locations with Character

Zoo concept art by Marc Gabbana
Zoo Concept Art by Marc Gabbana

One of the things I love about Starfinder is how much potential the setting has for interesting locals for encounters. Not only do you have a whole galaxy of planets, moons, asteroids, and more to choose from, the very nature of a Sci-Fantasy setting opens up a host of potentially interesting locations. Low level play can all to often devolve into the standard formula of ‘go to dungeon-analog and fight goblin-analogs’ but it doesn’t have to. Yes, a dungeon can be anything from a derelict space ship, an industrial scrap yard, or apartment complex turned gang base, but you can take it a step further. Any one of those potential dungeons has flavor, but you can build on that. Maybe the players need to confront a criminal gang in an active subway station, avoiding bystanders, dodging the steady schedule of trains, and careful avoiding contact with the third rail. Or perhaps they have to capture a spy in a flying zoo, dodging freed alien animals, trying not to endanger tourists, and prevent the agent from escaping in the confusion. Or they have to capture a rogue robot in a fully automated factory, and damage to any of the expensive manufacturing droids comes out of their pay. There is a wealth of potential out there for a GM to tap into, so don’t hesitate to make not just your creatures, but also your places, active characters in the ongoing story you and your players are making.

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Jeremy Corff

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