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Starfinder – Virtual Digital Assistants

Cortana from HALO and a VI from Mass Effect

The sci-fi setting of Starfinder is a world full of fantastic technology and magic, interstellar empires and threats from the darkest depths of space. In short, it’s a pretty hectic place. With all that going on, don’t your characters need something that can help them with the day to day grind of being an adventurer? Perhaps a virtual digital assistant is the answer!

A virtual digital assistant (or VDA) is a small scale AI that resides in a com unit or custom rig and manages the character’s day to day responsibilities – from scheduling dues payments to the Free Pirates to feeding their digital pet, the VDA manages the simple tasks, freeing up the character for the kinds of high adventure or dastardly skullduggery you know they want to focus on.

All VDAs provide a +1 circumstance bonus to Profession checks, but many models offer additional benefits. Below are a few options, but feel free to create your own.


Category Personal Software

Level 1; Price 10; Bulk – (virtual)


Using a simple AI and some basic learning algorithms, this VDA can quickly learn your daily routine, manage your appointments, and schedule bills and meetings for you. The basic version of the software is relatively bland and lacks anything like a personality, but it gets the job done.


(Hybrid software)

Category Personal Software

Level 1; Price 60; Bulk – (virtual)


Rather than code an AI, the HEXBERRY company employs technomancers to summon and bind imps into their software. The result is a a fiendishly intelligent VDA that will do exactly what it says it is supposed to do in the manual and absolutely nothing else. In addition to the circumstance bonus provided to profession checks, it also provides a +1 circumstance bonus to mysticism checks, and it is possible to negotiate for additional benefits if you want to take the risk. Read the EULA carefully.


Category Personal Software

Level 3; Price 300; Bulk – (virtual)


A complex AI with a full personality and holographic avatar, the synergy line of VDAs quickly learn all the facets of their owner’s lives and work constantly to anticipate their needs, providing a +3 circumstance bonus to Profession checks instead of the normal +1. They are also able to provide minor assistance with digital tasks, giving a +2 circumstance bonus to computers checks to research any topic. Finally, a small holo-projector is included with the software purchase, normally used to project the holographic avatar, but which can also be used to cast the equivalent of token spell at will to create simple, non-magical holographic illusions or illuminate something with dim light.

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