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Starfinder – Yon-Rogg’s Magnitron Gauntlets

It’s been several months, so I feel safe in posting this without spoiling too much. There is a lot of cool stuff in Captain Marvel that you can adapt to Starfinder – much of the kree and skrull tech. One of the more interesting items to me was Yon-Rogg’s gravity manipulation gauntlets. Here is my take on them:

Magnitron Gauntlets


Magnitron gauntlets fit snugly over the wearer’s extremities, covering the forelimb of the appendage but leaving the grasping digits free unless activated. When activated, they generate a localized gravity field of varying strength depending on the model of the gauntlets, which can be used to move objects, or even to attack by flinging objects as a ranged attack. Magnitron gauntlets allow the wearer to move objects at a distance as per psychokinetic hand, but with a weight limit as dictated by model below.

The wearer can also use this psychokinetic hand ability to immobilize, lift, or move a Medium or smaller creature. The creature can attempt a Fortitude save, also determined by model, to negate the effect. While under this effect, the target creature cannot move, but can take any other normal actions. This ability follows all of the restrictions of the spell other than the weight limit. The wearer can spend a standard action concentrating to maintain the effect, allowing the target to attempt a new save to end the effect.

Optio – DC 13 Fortitude save, can move up to 100lbs or 10 bulk

Tessarius – DC 15 Fortitude save, can move up to 150lbs or 15 bulk

Decurion – DC 19 Fortitude save, can move up to 300lbs or 30 bulk

Decanus – DC 22 Fortitude save, can move up to 600lbs or 60 bulk

Praefectus – DC 25 Fortitude save, can move up to 1000lbs or 100 bulk


Optio Magnitron Gauntlets 4 2450 1d6 B 40 ft. Push 20 L powered (capacity 20, usage 1)
Tessarius Magnitron Gauntlets 7 5400 1d8 B 60 ft. Push 20 L powered (capacity 20, usage 1)
Decurion Magnitron Gauntlets 12 31800 2d8 B 80 ft. Push 30 L powered (capacity 30, usage 1)
Decanus Magnitron Gauntlets 16 144000 4d8 B 100 ft. Push 50 L powered (capacity 50, usage 1)
Praefectus Magnitron Gauntlets 20 716000 7d8 B 120 ft. Push 70 L powered (capacity 70, usage 1)

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