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Starfinder – Farscape part 2

Week two of Farscape material, and this week let’s commemorate Ka D’argo by converting the Luxan species to Starfinder. Luxans are interesting – at first glance they just seem like yet another kind of Klingon or space Orc, but the series gave them some unusual abilities and surprising depth. Take a look:

D'argo, a luxan


Ability Modifiers +2 Str, +2 Con, –2 Wis

Hit Points 6


Luxans are Medium humanoids with the luxan subtype.


Luxans have a barbed prehensile tongue that they can use to administer an adaptive stunning toxin. As a move action they can use the tongue to interact with an object within 15ft of them, or as a standard action once per extended rest they can make a natural weapon attack against KAC with the tongue. On a successful hit the target must make a Fortitude save DC (10 + Constitution Modifier + 1/3 Character level), and if they fail they are stunned for 1d4 rounds.


Luxans have blindsense scent with a range of 30 feet.


A luxan can survive in the vacuum of space or a similar environment for up to 15 minutes without adverse effects. They are acclimated to thin atmospheres and high altitudes, and they count as Small creatures for the purpose of slow suffocation.


A luxan’s wounds can become toxic. If they are reduced to half their hit points or less they must receive medical treatment within the next hour or they begin to progress down the physical disease track. Every hour they proceed further down the track until death. The process can be halted at any time with a DC 10 medicine check or remove affliction spell, but recovery from the adverse effects is treated like any other physical disease.

Luxan Feats:


Prerequisites: must have the luxan subtype, must be taken at first level

As an immediate action any time you take damage you can spend a resolve point to enter an elevated state of pure rage. For a number of rounds equal to your character level you gain a +1 insight bonus to hit rolls, damage rolls, and a number of temporary hitpoints equal to twice your character level. You may only choose to end this state after killing or breaking something and making a DC 10 will save, but regardless of whether it was ended naturally or on purpose, after the effect ends you gain the fatigued condition for an equal amount of time. A you may only do this once per extended rest.


Prerequisites: must have the Hyper-Rage feat, must have a character level of 5 or higher

You have learned to control your rage through ancient meditative techniques. Embracing these ancient warrior traditions, you can use your Hyper-Rage ability once per short rest instead of once per extended rest, and can end it with a successful DC 15 will save without having to kill or break something.

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Jeremy Corff

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