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Starfinder – Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop

A bit late in the day this week, as I’ve been busy on other projects. But enough about that – 3, 2, 1 let’s jam! This week I’ll be doing a quick rundown on how to adapt the brilliant Cowboy Bebop to Starfinder.

First off, there is a lot that doesn’t change. Weapons and armor, save for those of the magical variety, can be ported over directly. Bebop is a (mostly) non-magical setting, but it is high tech. Energy weapons aren’t common in the series, but they do exist, and projectile weapons are quite plentiful. Similarly, spaceships and spaceship combat can be used as is, with the exception that instead of the Drift there are Hyperspace Gates in the Bebop world. Cybernetics, genetic engineering, and an assortment of technological gadgets also make an appearance, so pretty much any of the equipment in the core rule book and Armory should be fine, provided you’ve removed all the magic and hybrid gear. Humans remain the same, but they are going to be the only race you’ve got (unless you are allowing uplifted Welsh Corgi, or devolved monkey-men terrorists).

The Envoy, Mechanic, Operative, and Soldier are all good to go, though you may have to remove or re-flavor a few options like Arcane Assailant. The rest of the classes – Mystic, Solarian, and Technomancer, should be faintingly rare or not used at all. The only real supernatural element we ever see in the series is the psychically augmented assassin Mad Pierrot, but there is a space for such a character in the setting, just work carefully with your players.

Whether your players want to be bounty hunters, corporate agents, criminals on the run, or scavengers from old Earth venturing out into a larger world, there is a whole solar system full of terraformed planets, moons, and space stations for them to explore. Or open it up to a wider universe by having the Hyperspace Gate network extend beyond Sol and its planets. Whatever adventure you decide to run, there is a place for it in the rich tapestry of Shinichirō Watanabe’s classic anime. See you space samurai!

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Jeremy Corff

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