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Starfinder Against Humanity

I’m always looking for material to draw from for game content, and inspired by a recent Cards Against Humanity card, I thought I’d do something a bit larger scale this week. Introducing the Pangender Space Octopus, searching the cosmos for love, a starship tier creature.



N Large starship magical beast

Speed 6; Maneuverability good (turn 1); Drift (sub astral jetstream, but effectively 1)

AC 16; TL 15; Immunities EMP, radiation, vacuum

HP 140; DT –; CT 28

Shields none

Attack (Forward) tentacle whip +9 (5d6), bite +9 (5d8 plus amorous embrace)

Attack (Port) tentacle whip +9 (5d6, ripper)

Attack (Starboard) tentacle whip +9 (5d6, ripper)

Attack (Aft) tentacle whip +9 (5d6, ripper)

Attack (Turret) tentacle whip +9 (5d6, ripper)

Skills Engineering +12, Piloting +16

Power Core lonely octopus heart (150 PCU); Drift Engine none (astral jetstream instead); Systems mk 4 defenses, mk 5 armor;

Other Abilities amorous embrace, astral jetstream, extreme resistance, living starship, multiphasic camouflage, void adaptation


Engineer (1 action) Engineering +12 (5 ranks)

Gunners (4 actions) gunnery +7 (5th level)

Pilot (1 action) Piloting +16 (4 ranks)


Environment any vacuum

Organization solitary, but always looking


Amorous Embrace (Ex) As an action, the pilot of the bitten starship can attempt a DC 20 Piloting check to break free of the embrace. While holding a starship in its embrace, the pangender space octopus can’t move, turn, or bite again, but it can make 2 tentacle whip attacks to the ship. The pangender space octopus and the ship it is holding take a –2 penalty to AC and TL and to Piloting checks to determine movement order in starship combat.

Astral Jetstream (Su) during the piloting phase the a pangender space octopus may decide to leave the battle. Rather than accessing the drift, it instead plane shifts into the astral plane where it travels at speeds comparable to drift travel. Once it has left a battle, a pangender space octopus virtually never returns. It’s would rather forget the heartache.

Bite (Ex) A pangender space octopus can use its bite only against a ship in an adjacent hex. If the pangender space octopus deals damage with this attack to a ship of its size or smaller, it triggers the amorous embrace ability.

Extreme Resistance (Ex) A pangender space octopus gains a +4 bonus to its AC against direct fire weapons that have the EMP special property or use gravity, and its DT against such weapons is 10. A pangender space octopus has a +5 bonus to Piloting checks it attempts due to gravity, such as escaping a tractor beam.

Living Starship (Ex) A pangender space octopus is a living creature that can engage only in starship combat. It has no crew, but it can still take engineer, gunner, and pilot actions using the skill bonuses, ranks, and level listed in the Crew Actions section above. Modifiers for its size, speed, and maneuverability are already factored into its statistics. Use the table below when the pangender space octopus takes critical damage. The pangender space octopus’s brain can’t gain the wrecked condition.

D% System Effect
1–30 Weapon array Condition applies to all gunner actions
31–60 Gravity centers Condition applies to gunner actions with the gravity gun and all pilot actions
61–90 Heart Condition applies to engineer actions except patching or repairing the heart
91–100 Brain Condition applies to all actions

Tentacle Whip (Ex) A pangender space octopus can use its tentacle whip only against a starship that is within 3 hexes of it. This attack has the ripper special property.

Multiphasic Camouflage (Su) while a pangender space octopus is moving through space, so long as it is more than 3 hexes away from a ship, its supernatural camouflage is enough to fool all but the most highly attuned sensors. Role a DC 25 scan check for your science officer. If they fail they are completely unaware of the pangender space octopus, but if they succeed they notice strange gravimetric distortions in the pangender space octopus’s hex, as well as all hexes adjacent to its hex. Once a pangender space octopus has moved within 3 hexes of a ship, or has made an attack, it drops the camouflage.


Massive collection of eyes, tentacles, and yearning for love, pangender space octopi are a rare, but storied danger of the space ways. Surviving on ambient cosmic magic, these hermaphroditic creatures spend most of their lives searching the vastness of space for other members of their species to mate with. Failing that, they are willing to attempt to mate with virtually any kind of space faring body, be it organic, mechanical, or otherwise. Very few ships or creatures escape the advances of a pangender space octopus once it has become aware of them, but most prefer to avoid the necrotic Eoxian ships and animated Oma corpses. A few are into that though, so no judgment.

Little is known about their birthing process, or what other motives they might have, as the secretive creatures are extremely hard to track and flee if they feel endangered or outmatched. Not malevolent, a pangender space octopus may disable a ship but never destroys them. Instead once the vessel is no longer an active partner they depart in search of new encounters.

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Jeremy Corff

Artist and Writer