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Starfinder and Voltron: Blades of Marmora

Blades of Marmora

One of the more interesting facets of the new Voltron series is the expanded delve into just what the Galra society is like. Yes, there is/was an emperor that ruled for thousands of years, but beyond that there is a whole culture that we only get bits and pieces of. One of the more fascinating of these on the show is the anti-emperor faction the Blade of Marmora.

With the Blade we have a group of space ninjas that somehow use acrobatic moves and swords to fight whole swaths of gun wielding soldiers. That sounds an awful lot like Solarians to me, so why not merge the two?

Blades of Marmora

The Blade of Marmora
A secretive band of resistance fighters in the Galra empire, the members, or blades, are all trained spies and scouts wielding luxite blades that respond to their thoughts with uncanny results.

An initiate member of the Blades, you have learned to channel strange energies into your luxite blade and wield it with deft precision. Rather than manifesting a solarian weapon, their luxite blade transforms at will into a one-handed kinetic advanced melee weapon with the Operative special quality that does slashing damage equal to what your solar weapon would do. Fusions can be applied to the blade as normal.

Prerequisites: Acrobatics 5, at least one level in Operative and Solarian, Blade of Marmora Initiate
A full member of the blades has learned to blend their abilities. They count their Solarian levels as Operative levels for the purpose of their trick attack, and count their Operative levels as Solarian levels for the purposes of determining Solar Weapon damage.

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Jeremy Corff

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