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Saturday Morning Settings, Part 3

Just like last week, we are again pulling a setting from an old Saturday Morning cartoon. We finish strong with a classic – Thundercats!

Third Earth
From ThunderCats (1985), Third Earth is a post-apocalyptic world full of ruins of ancient civilizations, time-worn high technology, and powerful magic. Populated by a vast array of strange creatures, full of interesting locals, dangerous foes, and potential for adventure. You could even argue that more than a few contemporary RPG settings are pulling from the rich tapestry of Third Earth, just as it pulled from previous cartoons and pulp adventures. And if there was ever a place where you you could play ratfolk, kitsune, kenku, mongrelmen, androids, grippli, kobolds, goblins, nagaji, skinwalkers, and most especially catfolk, Third Earth is the place to do it! And like Golarion, there is room here for virtually any adventure path to take place, though Iron Gods and Mummy’s Mask seem most especially suited.

Exile of Thundera
Requirement(s) Third Earth, Catfolk
Though many of the Thundereans were killed by the Mutants of Plun-Darr when fleeing the destruction of Thundera, you were one of the lucky exiles to survive your escape from your dying home world and make your way to Third Earth to begin anew. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Fortitude saves and Survival and you gain a +2 bonus on Constitution checks to stabilize, reflecting your resilience. In addition, you gain the benefits of the Technologist feat, as you are able to use both the time-worn technological relics of Third Earth and what items you managed you bring with you from Thundera without penalty. However, you begin play speaking only Thunderean (aka Catfolk), and any bonus languages from a high Int you might have must be chosen from the following list: Abyssal, Celestial, Draconic, Infernal, Protean, and Sphinx.

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Jeremy Corff

Artist and Writer