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Saturday Morning Settings, part 2

Just like last week, we are again pulling a setting from an old Saturday Morning cartoon. This time, we go a bit more obscure with Sectaurs.

From Sectaurs, Symbion is a planet “somewhere in space, somewhere in time” where genetic experiments caused massive ecological changes. Insects and arachnids are huge (ranging in size from Small well into the Huge category) and are far more dominant in the ecosystem than any other kind of animal. Sentient races (mostly human, but you can easily make room for elves, dwarves, and even more outlandish races) were changed by the genetic cataclysm as well, taking on traits of insects and arachnids as well. The setting emphasis’s animal companions, so classes that have familiars, animal companions, or otherwise interact with vermin are well suited, and a campaign that is largely outdoors would work well here, such as Ironfang Invasion.

Sectaurs headshot
Scion of Symbion
Requirement(s) Symbion
The effects of the ancient cataclysm that changed Symbion have reshaped the natural world, and you are no exception. In addition to having cosmetic traits blending your race and that of an insect or arachnid, you also have an empathic connection to one kind of vermin. You can make Handle Animal and Wild Empathy checks on vermin, gaining a +2 trait bonus, and may target vermin with spells and abilities normally restricted to animals. You also gain as a bonus feat either one of the following, without having to meet the requirements: Vermin Companion or Wasp Familiar (which you can reskin to any insect or arachnid, though mechanically it remains the same).

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Jeremy Corff

Artist and Writer