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Saturday Morning Settings

Inspired by Saturday morning cartoons from long ago, here is the first in a series of settings and campaign traits drawing from that rich history.

Pirates of Dark Water

The alien world of Mer
From Pirates of Dark Water, the world of Mer is a massive planet whose surface is dominated by a world spanning ocean (or, 20 seas, as they say in the series) dotted with islands of various size. Add in strange, physics defying weather phenomena, an ancient super-advanced society that now lies in ruin with their cities scattered across the globe, a world spanning threat of aquatic, life devouring necrotic ooze guided by an ancient evil far beneath the waves, massive trade routes and consortiums, and of course pirates, and you have a fantastic setting for an RPG. You could easily port Skull and Shackles or Ruins of Azlant to Mer, just by changing a few names.

Born to the Seas
Category Campaign
Requirement(s) World of Mer
In a world dominated by ships and water, you were born at sea and practically raised in the water. Able to swim before you even learned to walk, and the waves hold no fear for you. You gain a +4 trait bonus to swim checks, and in calm water may move as though you have a swim speed of 10ft.

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Jeremy Corff

Artist and Writer