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Alabaster Laurel – Fey Touched Item for Pathfinder

There aren’t a lot of First World themed items that play on connections to the Eldest, so I thought I’d throw one in.

Alabaster Laurel
Aura weak illusion, strong transmutation; CL 11th
Slot headband; Price 132,000 gp; Weight —
This brilliant white stone laurel wreath looks like it was once a decorative wreath on the head of a statue, but at some point was broken off. The stonework has an antique style but is obviously of high quality, except for two rough spots on the interior where it may have been originally attached.
So long as the laurel is worn the wearer takes on a stony demeanor and gains a +10 enhancement bonus on Disguise checks to disguise themself as an alabaster statue. For this purpose they also take none of the penalties normally associated with disguising themselves as a different type of creature. In addition, if the wearer does not take a move action on their round, they gain hardness 2 until the next round.
If Imbrex is the wearer’s patron the hardness increases to 4 and stacks with that granted by the obedience to Imbrex should they have it. The faithful may also create an illusory twin of themselves as a move action 2 times a day. This double functions as a single mirror image and lasts 11 rounds or until the illusory twin is dispelled or destroyed.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, mirror image, statue; Cost 66,000 gp

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Jeremy Corff

Artist and Writer