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Saturday Morning Settings

Pirates of Dark Water

Inspired by Saturday morning cartoons from long ago, here is the first in a series of settings and campaign traits drawing from that rich history. The alien world of Mer From Pirates of Dark Water, the world of Mer is a massive planet whose surface is dominated by a world […]

Pathfinder Symbionts – Midnight Caul

Masters of biological crafting and life shaping technology, the Dominion of the Black have engineered many useful creatures to serve as spies and tools for their soldiers and allies. The least of these is the midnight caul symbiont. Symbiont: A symbiont occupies part of the host creature’s body- sometimes but […]

Traits from the Land of Pharohs

Scarab Dancer

Journey to the land of pyramids and pharohs, where the honored dead do not rest easy and the past is always hiding behind a dune or around the next corner. For use for your Osirion characters or any campaign that draws upon the rich history of Egypt, here are a […]


This week, a little short fiction set in the Fangwood, along the crusader road in the Northern part of Avistan. Something was growing in Markus’s lungs. His cough had merely been bad when we started out, but I’d been treating it. For awhile it improved, but by the time we […]