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Starfinder – Fey Encounters

Warframe art - a game that plays a bit with the Fairy Court

While there is a wealth of material providing examples of high adventure in a Sci-Fantasy setting pitting heroes against merciless aliens, powerful psychics, derelict robotic hordes, and more, there is very little fiction that deals with the fey in a future/space setting. Perhaps because the general association between faerie and […]

Starfinder – Hell-touched Feats

Cabalist concept art from Hellgate London

It probably isn’t surprising that when I look back through 3.5 material that I loved and want to see updated, I see a lot of familiar names. James Jacobs, Erik Mona, Robin D. Laws, and many more, all great writers who helped shape the 3.5 landscape and unsurprisingly became the […]

Starfinder – Space Ship Chases

The classic chase from Empire Strikes Back

Not every starship encounter needs to be a fight. Yes, the majority of the rules in the Core Rulebook deal with fights between ships, but when you think of starship scenes from sci-fi media, that is hardly the only thing an intrepid crew is doing while onboard. Maybe they are […]

Starfinder – Abyssal Heritor feats

Cyber Demon from Doom

There are so many bizarre Sci-Fi elements in Starfinder, it is easy to overlook some of the weird, chaotic, fantasy stuff that is part of the setting as well. Pathfinder has the Worldwound and it’s aftermath to bring in the ever shifting horrors of the Abyss, but there isn’t really […]

Starfinder – Spectral Arms

Borderlands 3 Siren got arms for days

A re-occurring motif in some mythologies is the symbolization of mystic power through the presence of multiple sets of arms. And why not, I mean who wouldn’t want an extra set of limbs or three to carry more stuff, do more things, or put on a sick juggling act? Or, […]

Starfinder – Aberrant Feats

Mutant Child from Total Recall

When I think back to all the 3.5 material that never made the jump to Pathfinder, much less Starfinder, I’m always kinda amazed at the shear scope of it. Some of it, the deity focused stuff, Realms tied in material, some of the steampunk style stuff of Eberron, don’t really […]

Starfinder – Venom Spur

Venom Spur

When Starfinder launched there was talk about how much had to be edited in order to make the book a viable size (and at 523 pages, it is still a hefty tome.) This is why we have enough equipment to get the basics done, but didn’t really get a variety […]