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Starfinder – Elemental Augmentations

A blast from the past this week – specifically the 3.5 book Magic of Eberron. Here I’ve updated the Elemental Grafts from that book, incorporating a few existing augmentations that are already in the same vein. No longer grafts, they are now augmentations, though the flavor is still much the […]

Starfinder – Bone Blade Parity

Looking for an augmentation that gives you a personal weapon but don’t want the extra undead baggage that comes from a Bone Blade Necrograft? Maybe you prefer something more biological, or want to add a little magic flair to your fighting. Well look no further! BIOTECH AUGMENTATION RETRACTABLE CLAWS System: […]

Starfinder – Music and Mayhem

I watched Cannon Busters on Netflix recently – a decent anime that captures a sci-fi fantasy aesthetic that is Starfinder all over – and I noticed a minor character that used a futuristic guitar as a weapon. Which got me thinking back to all the other times I’ve seen something […]

Starfinder – Hellbred

Art from Robert Chew's Agents of Sin

I was thinking back to some of my favorite 3.5 D&D content that I never got to do much with, and remembered one particular race that I always felt was under-served – the Hellbred from Fiendish Codex 2. There isn’t any reason a soul harrowed by Hell and touched by […]

Starfinder – The Surge part 2

Last week I presented stats for the reanimated foes from early stages of the game. This week I have a base Exo-Rig, as well as a generic berserk exo-rig user (who form arguably the bulk of the foes fought in the game). EXO-RIG, BASIC Cost 7800 credits Level 5 Systems: […]

Starfinder – The Surge

With the sequel coming out soon, I thought I’d take a bit to talk about some of the unique sci-fi elements of The Surge and how to incorporate them into your game. Set in a dystopian future, where an industrial accident coupled with rampant cybernetics usage has resulted in a […]