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Starfinder – Attack the Block

Attack the Block

There are many Sci-Fi, Sci-Fantasy, and Space Opera movies and shows out there that readily lend themselves to inspiration for Starfinder (especially with the new Giant Mech rules coming out soon). That said, few capture the experience of level one adventurers just starting out their career, and few do that […]

Starfinder – Spellcasting Flavor

Raia brings some magic to bear

One major difference between Starfinder and both Pathfinder and Pathfinder 2 is how magic works in the setting. In both versions of Pathfinder, a spellcaster’s source of power is usually well defined and that shapes what abilities they get and how they access them. Starfinder, in contrast, is much more […]

Starfinder – Virtual Cons

Ein from Cowboy Bebop, enjoying some virtual entertainment

It’s Con season,but given the current pandemic, most Cons have been canceled or moved online to a virtual format. That’s not a new thing, as there have been virtual Cons for many years now, but it certainly means there are more of them this year, and a much wider audience […]

Starfinder – Fey Encounters

Warframe art - a game that plays a bit with the Fairy Court

While there is a wealth of material providing examples of high adventure in a Sci-Fantasy setting pitting heroes against merciless aliens, powerful psychics, derelict robotic hordes, and more, there is very little fiction that deals with the fey in a future/space setting. Perhaps because the general association between faerie and […]