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Starfinder character art post

Arakiel the solar space elf

An art post this week, but I promise it’s Starfinder related. I’m going to be doing a marathon play through the first two books of Against the Aeon Throne next month as part of an Extra Life fundraiser, and I wanted to have an avatar for my character. I really […]

Starfinder – Incarnum Incarnate

Mercy from Overwatch, showing what a Lawful Good soldier with the Planar Ethic style might look like

As promised, this week we return to the concepts laid out in Magic of Incarnum, by James Wyatt, Richard Backer, Frank Brunner, and Stephen Schubert. Unlike with the totemic connection, where the source of power for the character is via spiritually embodiment of various magical beasts, this time their power […]

Starfinder – This Island Earth

This Island Earth

I’ll circle back to the Incarnum inspired stuff soon, but it is October so we need to have at least one spooky fun post. In the past I did Starfinder stats for the alien from John Carpenter’s The Thing, which isn’t something I’d ever want to have to go against […]

Starfinder – Incarnum and Totems

Kevin Levin from Ben 10, looking very totemed out

The later years of D&D 3.5 produced some interesting experiments, from Pact Magic, Shadow Magic, to the wushu stylings of Book of Nine Swords. One of my personal favorites was Magic of Incarnum, by James Wyatt, Richard Backer, Frank Brunner, and Stephen Schubert. The beautiful art by Wayne Reynolds was […]

Starfinder – Dune

Choose your Flavor of Dune

Dune is back! Of course, all we have so far is a trailer with an interesting Pink Floyd cover, but I’m game for another attempt at bring Frank Herbert’s book to the big (or these days at least, home sized) screen. Of course, with Dune back in the zeitgeist, it […]

Starfinder – Added Value part 4

Added Value - Azra

RECAP In part 3 of the Starfinder cyberpunk adventure Added Value, the PCs made their way through the Neebon Biotech facility floor, fighting security robots and hell birds on the way. We stopped just as they were about to make their way into the server room. Unbeknownst to the PCs, […]

Starfinder – Added Value part 3

Hell Bird

RECAP In part 2 of the Starfinder cyberpunk adventure Added Value, the party made their way into the Neebon facility, through a variety of different avenues. However they managed to get in, part 3 brings them to the facility floor, where things are already in disarray. From the stairwell or […]

Starfinder – Added Value part 2

Antock Poundstone, dwarven security guard

RECAP In part 1 of the Starfinder cyberpunk adventure Added Value, black market cybersurgeon Nalak Chambo anonymously hired the party to break in to Neebon Biotech and attach her datadrive full of malware to the floor facility mainframe there. The party may want to do some research before they show […]