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Starfinder – The Surge

With the sequel coming out soon, I thought I’d take a bit to talk about some of the unique sci-fi elements of The Surge and how to incorporate them into your game. Set in a dystopian future, where an industrial accident coupled with rampant cybernetics usage has resulted in a […]

Starfinder – Hoverboards

Hoverboards from Back to the Future, Eureka 7, and Cannon Spike

The idea of hoverboards has been something floating in the gestalt for a long time, making its way into movies, video games, anime, and comics over and over again. After all, what would make skateboarding or surfing cooler? Why, being able to do it anywhere and fly while doing it, […]

Wayfinder #19

Art from Wayfinder 19

No formal post this week, as I’m taking the long weekend off, but I did have several pieces in the latest issue of Wayfinder. Not only did I write the Symbiends article (with great artwork by Alex Moore), I also provided several illustrations.

Starfinder – Farscape Part 3

This weekend’s post is a bit late due to travel, but I wanted to finish out the 3 part series of Farscape adaptations. This week I’ll tackle the Nebari and Sebaceans, as they are both fairly simple. I considered Hynerian, but while Rigel was a great character with a lot […]